Electromyographic Test Results with SeaCure

Electromyographic tests of divers in the laboratory using both conventional and SeaCure Custom Mouthpieces showed that significantly less muscle effort was required to retain a SeaCure mouthpiece with regulator in the mouth than was needed to retain a conventional mouthpiece/regulator unit. Result: incredible comfort.


Click to enlarge the electromyographic test results.

“SeaCure ROCKS! Holy …. am I glad I bought a SeaCure! Went for my first 2 dives with a SeaCure and it was total bliss. It held onto my teeth, freeing me to focus more on the dive and my tank pressure than on my bite pressure. Post-dive tongue cramps and jaw fatigue were eliminated, as was the compression and shifting of my back teeth due to biting the default mouthpiece. When you purchase your own gear, love yourself enough to buy a SeaCure” Keith

Love yourself enough to buy a SeaCure