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“I find it very difficult to dive with any other mouthpiece after using SeaCure. Headaches and jaw fatigue are a thing of the past.”
David S. – Florida

Headaches and jaw fatigue are a thing of the past.


I used to get really bad TMJ headaches …

I’ve had this mouthpiece since 1997

Have you ever felt jaw strain after a dive?

Does placing a regulator in your mouth remind you of getting x-rays at the dentist?

If so, you’re not alone. Many divers have felt just as orally awkward. Fortunately, those feelings almost always terminate when they purchase a customized mouthpiece.

SeaCure, Inc. is a Wisconsin-based company that specializes in custom mouthpieces. Under the guidance of Dr. Randall Moles, the company designs, manufactures, and distributes its unique products through most North American dive centers.

The SeaCure device is a moldable mouthpiece that precisely fits the diver’s mouth, teeth, gums, and jaw configuration and provides maximum support for a regulator. This fit reduces jaw fatigue.

Molding the SeaCure mouthpiece is simple. You dunk the unit in boiling water for about 30 seconds, shake off the hot water, place it in your mouth and bite down. Seconds later, your customized mouthpiece is ready. Fortunately, if you don’t get the perfect fit on the first try, you can remold the mouthpiece again.

A customized mouthpiece is a worthwhile investment for every diver. This simple and inexpensive piece of scuba gear can reduce jaw fatigue, allay hygienic concerns, and help provide the framework for an enjoyable dive. For more information about the SeaCure mouthpiece, visit your local dive center.


Dive Training Magazine

“I found SeaCure as comfortable as advertised. I had to go back to a traditional mouthpiece on a recent dive trip. After a couple of days I realized something wasn’t the same. Guess what? It was the mouthpiece! I look forward to getting back to my SeaCure!”
Andy O. – Wateree Dive Center, South Carolina

As comfortable as advertised

“SeaCure mouthpiece is truly the most comfortable mouthpiece I have ever used. With the absence of jaw fatigue that I had with other mouthpieces. I can now enjoy diving more and when teaching my students, my concentration is not diverted to sore jaw muscles.”
Chuck K. -Instructor, California

The most comfortable mouthpiece

“We have been absolutely delighted with our SeaCure mouthpieces. The difference in terms of comfort and jaw fatigue is significant – all for the better.”
Suzanne S. – Illinois

Absolutely delighted with our SeaCure mouthpieces

“The mouthpieces worked really well. Leon had to cut his down a little, which was no problem, and he had no TMJ fatigue at all. We did a little marketing for you with the other divers too!”
Melissa – Chicago, IL

No TMJ fatigue at all

“As a professional, I believe that SeaCure is the best thing to happen to diving in many years.”
Jim H. – New Orleans Aquarium

SeaCure is the best thing to happen to diving …

“If you ever need a testimonial about how Fantastic this product is, please don’t hesitate to call. I used to have bad TMJ problems that were starting to effect my work, but SeaCure solved that problem.”
Dawson C. – Sea Sports & Scuba, Fort Myers, FL

I used to have bad TMJ problems … SeaCure solved that problem.

“After a year of diving under my belt I invested in your product. This past weekend was such an enjoyable dive because of your SeaCure mouthpiece. No more jaw fatigue.”
Dave A – Windsor, CA

No more jaw fatigue.

“Most comfortable mouthpiece – should be standard equipment!”
J.D. – Yuma, AZ

Most comfortable mouthpiece …

“I would just as soon stay on land as dive without my SeaCure mouthpiece”
John H – Carrollton, TX

I would just as soon stay on land as dive without my SeaCure mouthpiece.

“I discovered the SeaCure moldable and was skeptical, but it’s AMAZING! After using it, I don’t know why anyone would use anything else. The only reason I did was because I didn’t know any better. Now I do; I will never be without a SeaCure moldable mouthpiece. Thank you SO much!”
E.M. – Fort Lauderdale, FL

I will never be without a SeaCure moldable mouthpiece.

“Perfect fit and amazing comfort. It is why I have been a loyal customer for many years and recommend SeaCure mouthpieces to all the newbies I encounter.” Patrick


Perfect fit and amazing comfort.

“SeaCure ROCKS! Holy …. am I glad I bought a SeaCure! Went for my first 2 dives with a SeaCure and it was total bliss. It held onto my teeth, freeing me to focus more on the dive and my tank pressure than on my bite pressure. Post-dive tongue cramps and jaw fatigue were eliminated, as was the compression and shifting of my back teeth due to biting the default mouthpiece. When you purchase your own gear, love yourself enough to buy a SeaCure” Keith

Love yourself enough to buy a SeaCure

“Buying a regulator without a SeaCure mouthpiece is like buying a car without tires.”
Calvin T.

… Like buying a car without tires