How Does SeaCure Compare?

We were recently asked about how SeaCure compares to other moldable mouthpieces. Here is our response: We have engineered SeaCure to be the mouthpiece that we would want our family members to dive with – a mouthpiece that is extremely comfortable and at the same time the most durable mouthpiece available. Here is some of what is built into every SeaCure:

1) Improved Design

After over 20 years experience, we developed the new X Type – a patent pending design that significantly increases grip and reduces bulk that can trigger gagging.

2) “Offset” Bite Position

As the mouth opens the jaw hinges backward. SeaCure is the only mouthpiece that is shaped for that movement, resulting in the most comfortable bite position. This also reduces leakage and strain in the lower lip area.

3) Bite Stop For Accurate Molding and Remolding

With SeaCure the “bite stop” is located in the Yellow Sealing Plug. This is important because it is not dependent on the position or the shape of the back teeth. The small bite limiters used by some moldable mouthpieces depend on the shape and position of the back teeth. Unfortunately back teeth are very unpredictable! For example, if a back tooth is missing and the mouthpiece has a bite limiter in the back, this can torque the lower jaw on closure causing asymmetric forces in the jaw joints when diving. We would never want a family member or any diver to risk the possibility of damaging a jaw joint.

4) Tear Resistant

SeaCure is made from a stiffer material to distribute the leverage of the regulator to the back teeth. Mouthpieces, and especially firmer mouthpieces, tend to tear where the mouthpiece meets the regulator.  SeaCure is thicker in this area to eliminate tearing. We don’t want any diver to have a mouthpiece that can tear in this area during a dive. This is dangerous and expensive to replace.

5) Precision Regulator Fit

SeaCure comes in 5 different sizes since that is the best way to ensure a precise fit with the regulator.

6) Guaranteed To Fit

SeaCure is guaranteed to fit – period! This is not just your standard limited warranty against defects! Because no mouthpiece will fit everyone every time we feel the diver should never be punished if a mouthpiece does not work for them. Unlike any other mouthpiece in the marketplace today we guarantee a comfortable fit with SeaCure.

Solomon’s SeaCure Custom Mouthpiece Testimonial

“I found SeaCure as comfortable as advertised. I had to go back to a traditional mouthpiece on a recent dive trip. After a couple of days I realized something wasn’t the same. Guess what? It was the mouthpiece! I look forward to getting back to my SeaCure!”
Andy O. – Wateree Dive Center, South Carolina

As comfortable as advertised

“Most comfortable mouthpiece – should be standard equipment!”
J.D. – Yuma, AZ

Most comfortable mouthpiece …

“I discovered the SeaCure moldable and was skeptical, but it’s AMAZING! After using it, I don’t know why anyone would use anything else. The only reason I did was because I didn’t know any better. Now I do; I will never be without a SeaCure moldable mouthpiece. Thank you SO much!”
E.M. – Fort Lauderdale, FL

I will never be without a SeaCure moldable mouthpiece.

“SeaCure ROCKS! Holy …. am I glad I bought a SeaCure! Went for my first 2 dives with a SeaCure and it was total bliss. It held onto my teeth, freeing me to focus more on the dive and my tank pressure than on my bite pressure. Post-dive tongue cramps and jaw fatigue were eliminated, as was the compression and shifting of my back teeth due to biting the default mouthpiece. When you purchase your own gear, love yourself enough to buy a SeaCure” Keith

Love yourself enough to buy a SeaCure

“I find it very difficult to dive with any other mouthpiece after using SeaCure. Headaches and jaw fatigue are a thing of the past.”
David S. – Florida

Headaches and jaw fatigue are a thing of the past.